Frank De Graeve

Frank has over fifteen years’ journalistic experience, including for Computer Magazine and De Standaard. A background like this certainly helps you know which PR campaigns will appeal to journalists, and which won’t. His stint as PR Manager for Microsoft Belgium also proved to be a good training ground. He works and experiments with blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Scribd and Twitter to find original ways of drawing attention to his clients.

Katrien Wemel

Katrien studied Linguistics and Literature with Culture Management. She then worked in the ICT sector as a Marketing and Communications Assistant until 2013. She is very good at turning technical jargon into language anyone can understand. She’s now using social media to improve links with a wider audience, and will take any opportunity to show her passion for this in the real world.

Fie Maes

She is fascinated by all aspects of content marketing, but her main passion is for language and writing. She is therefore mainly concentrating on copywriting and press communications at Quadrant Communications, but because content doesn’t stop with text, she is also working on video montage. An attractive story, both in image and text, is important for companies to increase engagement. We bring companies closer to their clients with good texts, websites and videos.

Delphine Van Hoecke

Delphine won’t let herself be pigeonholed. Following her graduation in communication management, she studied for a master’s degree in European PR in Ireland and the UK, where she also gained valuable experience on a work placement. She learned the tricks of the trade working for international clients through various communication and PR agencies, before spending several years working in the marketing department of a metals company. Delphine feels perfectly at home in the fashion and food sectors, as well as in technology and industry. If you’re looking a no-nonsense approach and creative ideas, she’s the ideal woman for the job.


Press communication is a good way of distributing your news to a wide audience because of its low price per contact and because the established media adds extra credibility to what you want to say.

Brands gain valuable interactions with customers, fans and other interested parties through social media.

We do all this as efficiently as possible with a single aim: so you appear in the media for less expense.


We believe you are more successful when the outside world has a correct and clear picture of your activities and qualities.

This image is partly determined by the media and people who share their experiences on social networks.

We therefore recommend dealing with it pro-actively. Use stories that help create the right image for your organisation. Be open to feedback from customers, potential customers and influential middlemen.


We can have an impact on existing coverage by communicating relevant, up-to-date information with good knowledge of current issues.

We build up a network together with you to reach a larger audience, and that requires openness, a willingness to listen and mutual respect.

That’s what you need – when dealing with journalists and on social media – to develop lasting, profitable relationships.

More in the public interest

As many people as possible should know what you’re good at. That’s why we help companies and organisations appeal to their target audiences more often and more convincingly. Three of our core characteristics help us with this:

– Helpful. Our knowledge of press communications helps us find subjects that the media is looking for, and we convey this to the public in the most appropriate way possible.

– Creative. We ensure that companies release original, interesting and relevant news via social networks with texts, photos, illustrations, animations, videos and you name it.

– Efficient. We go a step further and ensure your efforts in the press also benefit you on social media, and vice versa, because we believe you can achieve much, much more with just a little bit extra.


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