People talk about Microsoft and Telenet even when there’s no logo or brand name in sight

Posted by Pieter

Turn the radio or television on and they’re impossible to escape: brand names coming at you from all angles. You’re bombarded by them throughout the day because, “that’s how customers remember you better”, according to certain marketing rules. But when I helped promote the Microsoft and Telenet ‘Work in the Park’ event, the decision was taken not to use any banners, logos or brand names. And it worked.

Microsoft and Telenet wanted ‘Work in the Park’ to focus on the new world of work. Because technology never stands still, it’s now possible to work wherever you are, so we provided meeting rooms, wireless internet, coffee and ice cream, amongst other things, in city parks in Antwerp, Ghent and Leuven. With no banners or logos anywhere in sight.

Why this decision? We didn’t want anything to distract attention away from the message. And big commercial campaigns sometimes scare people off. Microsoft is already linked to flexible working wherever you want, with products such as Office 365 and Surface tablets, and through its own very strong corporate culture. So shouting out brand names isn’t always necessary.

Work in the Park was covered extensively in the press without any problems, as were the Microsoft and Telenet brands. We did this by speaking to the press through ambassadors of the new world of work – in other words: Microsoft and Telenet employees.

After the event we sent out an email with figures for the litres of coffee drunk, and what participants actually thought of their experience working in the park. And this in turn led to lots more great articles. So there you have it.


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