Crisis PR

Maintain your position

You can work as hard as you possibly can to build up a positive image, but it can all fall down again very quickly in the event of a crisis. Some disasters don’t just damage your business directly; they also harm your reputation. Correct and intelligent communication about what is happening can help you ensure your image suffers as little as possible in a time of crisis.

Good preparation

Crisis communication is easier than you might think, as long as you stick to the rules closely. We can help you with this. It’s best to make a start as soon as possible – even before a crisis has a chance to break out. We prepare everything properly together, so that you can respond quickly and efficiently when the need arises.

Keep control

It’s very important that you stay in control of communications in a time of crisis, and that you’re not simply at the mercy of events. It comes down to staying relevant and ensuring that people keep listening to you. You can’t do this by sticking your head in the sand.

Monitor and ‘repair’

We also make sure communications don’t stop when the crisis is averted. Too many organisations omit to communicate their improved approach or new aspirations in a later phase, and so don’t restore a tarnished reputation sufficiently.

Crisis communication requires you to follow the rules of the game a bit more strictly than normal in order to achieve your goals successfully.


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