Product PR

PR without empty promotional talks

Press communications and social media are the most cost-effective ways of drawing attention to new products. Product PR in traditional media gives your news extra credibility and reaches a wide audience. Social media provides word of mouth advertising: fans of your product will share their enthusiasm.

Make sure you stand out

The challenge: to ensure your announcements stand out in the sea of news that journalists and surfers sometimes drown in. One of our surveys has shown that the Belgian press certainly isn’t just sitting there waiting to act as a mouthpiece for your marketing department. And empty promotional talks don’t make much of impression on social networks either.

The story behind your product

So how does Product PR actually work? Together we look for the story behind your product; for facts we know journalists want to hear about, and details people like to share on social media.

Tailored for every journalist

Then we look for the best approach to bring these particulars into the public domain. Press releases, conferences and trips, interviews, demos, client visits and product tests are just some of the options. We also select the most suitable journalists for your story, and guide you every step of the way with practical advice and good knowledge of issues.

Adapted for social networks

We make the most of this approach by sharing everything on social networks. What have you got that might interest others and, even better, that they want to share with friends? Well-written copy, good photos, cool infographics, striking videos: it’s what we do.

Journalists aren’t just sitting there waiting to act as a mouthpiece for your marketing department.


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